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For todays blog entry, we will be discussing a recent case we had at Steier Dental Implants & Prosthodontics of Boca Raton. This particular patient came with an impacted canine as well as a unilateral growth deficiency due to lack of canine erupting on the upper right side of the mouth.

In addition to the impacted canine, the patient presented crowding and edge to edge bite, this is when biting edges of the upper front teeth bite directly onto the biting edges of the lower front teeth. – This is unfavorable and leads to excessive wear of the incisor edges causing the anterior teeth to break and continue the teeth damage.

Dr. Carolina Steier decided the best course of action was to perform what we call Prosthetic Orthodontics an interdisciplinary treatment used when a patient requires comprehensive orthodontic intervention necessary to optimize both esthetic and functional aspects to change the position of the teeth and avoid further damage.

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