Why Consider Dental Implants?

Why Consider Dental Implants At Steier Dental Implants and Prosthodontics? our team of dental experts is qualified to provide you the best in dental implants. Dental implants are great, but why consider them in the first place? In this blog entry, we’ll be providing a few reasons as to why you should consider implants as a treatment option.


The first reason why you should consider undertaking dental implant surgery is teeth replacement. Once a tooth is pulled out, the surrounding bone withers away and collapses over time. Dental implants are practically the closest thing one has to a tooth replacement, as it’ll maintain the structure of a previous tooth’s bone. Alongside being the ultimate tooth replacement, dental implants do not decay. Due to being made with titanium, dental implants are not subject to corrosion or degradation from acid, sugar, and bacteria in the mouth. However, they aren’t precisely resistant to everything and anything. They still need to be maintained as if they were natural teeth, as implants are subject to gum disease and bone loss around the area of the implant if not cleaned. Alongside that, dental implants sport longevity. Over time, the bone around the denture will wear away, but your dental implant will remain secure for many years, never loosening. Implants can also prevent the bone from resorbing at the sites where it is placed, alongside being used to support dentures. Some implants anchor a venture to the mouth, providing increased strength and retention.


At Steier Dental Implants & Prosthodontics, our team of dental experts provides only the best when it comes to dental implants. We ensure that we treat all of our patients in a way that’s beneficial to both their dental health and their dental health goals. Call or visit us to learn more about our services.

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