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At Steier Dental Implants & Prosthodontics in Boca Raton, Dr. Carolina Steier and our team are dedicated to restoring the natural function and appearance of our patients’ teeth and mouth.

Extreme Smile Makeover | Prosthetic Ortho | Root Canal Therapy | Crowns

This gentleman came to our dental office with hallow teeth as you can see. We then discovered this was a rare case of rampant abrasion with an Albuterol inhaler. We had to perform an extreme smile makeover together with prosthetic orthodontics, root canal therapy, endodontics, periodontics crowns, and lengthening procedure.

Case 1: Veneers

This young girl came to me with very large shaped teeth that where filled over the years to « reshape » her teeth but the esthetics was not right.

Case 2: Upper Anterior bridge

This gentleman came because the porcelain fractured on one of his centrals of his existing bridge, The bridge was not fitting correctly and esthetics was not great, so we replaced the bridge.

Case 3: Instant Ortho/ crown & Bridge

This woman had a missing lateral incisor and her teeth had moved into the space so we did a «
Prosthetic Orthodontics » with crown & bridge work and corrected the space inserting the tooth that was missing.

Case 4: Anterior Upper Crowns

This woman had some crowding on the Upper anterior, corrected with crowns.

Case 5: Upper Anterior Crowns

This woman came due to poor fitting and leaking crowns which caused recession on her gums due to the accumulated bacteria. All Upper crowns where replaced and improved esthetics.

Case 6: Full Upper & Lower makeover

Pt came with severe wear due to grinding and bruxism also several missing teeth. Reconstructions with crown, bridge and implants was involved restoring proper tooth size.

Case 7: Full mouth reconstruction

This 90-year hall of fame gent came due to missing teeth and not being able to chew properly. Crown, bridge oral surgery, and implants were involved in this complex case.

Case 8: Extrême makeover

This young former Football Player came due to losing teeth due to severe and rampant decay, lots of missing teeth not able to function.
Oral Surgery, Crown & Bridge, and Dental Implants were involved to accomplish this case.

Case 9: All on 4-5 Upper. Makeover

This Bostonian gent came for an All on 4-5 upper replacement of his natural dentition and lower bridge and Dental Implants.

Case 10: Upper Denture/Lower Partial removable

The patient wanted a simple and low-cost solution so we did a removable case for her.

Case 11: Upper Anterior crowns

Gent from Philly came he did not like the esthetics of his smile so we replaced his existing crowns with a new one with proper esthetics.

Case 12: Implant Bridge

The patient wanted us to fix the Upper left side only so we had to copy the existing shape from the right side Fixed bridge & Implants were involved in this case.

Case 13: Dentures

A gentleman from the Bahamas needed dentures was unable to do Implants at the time.

Case 14: Prosthetic Ortho/Crowns

Severe malposition of upper and lower teeth unwilling to go through 2-3 years of regular orthodontics, accomplished tooth position with prosthetic work(crowns).

Case 15: Upper Denture Lower partial

Case 19: U&L Dentures

Case 20: Single Front Crowns

Youg male fracture one of his central
2 crowns made the other central had a veneer that was leaking.

Case 21: Full Reconstruction/Makeover

Involved Crowns, bridges, and Implants, teeth were worn out due to grinding, gave back proper size and shape.

Case 22: Crowns

A young girl fell and fractured 2 upper central, restored with crowns.

Case 23: Crowns

Pt came with old veneers and did not want any move of them. They fractured and decayed. Crowns were dine to get her smile back.

Case 24: Crowns

Young male with fractured ant tooth central incisor replaced with crowns

Case 25: Full Mouth Reconstruction

Severe work out teeth from years of hard brushing and grinding.
Crowns were involved in restoring his smile.

Case 26: All on 4-5 Upper & Lower

Gent came due to having all his existing crowns ill-fitting and leaking so teeth were fracturing at gum level teeth could no longer be restored so all teeth need to be removed and replaced with an implant-supported prosthesis.

Full Reconstruction Makeover

Dr. Joe had an amazing transformation, his process involved Dental Crowns, Bridges, Dental Implants, and Endodontics.

Prosthetic Orthodontics

Patient came with impacted canine and unilateral growth deficiency due to lack of canine erupting on one side (right upper). Patient presented crowding and edge to edge bite causing the anterior teeth to break and continue the teeth damage. We did what we call Prosthetic Orthodontics to change the position of the teeth to avoid further damage.

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