Prosthetic Orthodontics

What is Prosthetic Orthodontics?

Prosthetic Orthodontics, performed by an experienced prosthodontist is an alternative to standard orthodontics or metal braces or Invisalign performed by an orthodontist or general dentist

  • Permanent solution
  • Effective treatment
  • Beautiful, straight teeth
  • Completly invisible
  • Easy to remove any time
  • Satisfying results
  • Easy cleaning & brushing
  • No diet restrictions
  • Comfortable plastic tray
When is Prosthetic Orthodontics recommended?

Dr. Steier recommends Prosthetic Orthodontics when a person needs to have crowns and /or bridges done due to tooth structure that has been destroyed with decay, have old fillings no longer properly fitted with recurrent decay or tooth fractures or loss, but they need their teeth to be restored or replaced. With this process, we can modify the position of these teeth. With the preparation of the tooth or teeth performed for crown or bridge, the tooth position can be modified. Teeth can be repositioned in the position that is required for better esthetic result and or better function and completely transform patients smile, the overall smile looks better aesthetically. So when the process is complete, the position and the aesthetic result is enhanced without having to spend 2-3 years of orthodontic tooth movement as well as the cost of it. Prosthetic orthodontics saves a lot of tome and money as well.

How long is the Prosthetic Orthodontics process?

When a patient needs this procedure done, if they choose orthodontics, it takes around two to three years. If the patient has the need to restore their teeth and enhance the aesthetics of their smile, prosthetic orthodontics can be carried out in a much faster time, usually in only a few visits over a few weeks. This process takes the same time as crown and bridge work so it is much less time to accomplish a  positive result. Prosthetic Orthodontics is an excellent alternative to a 2-3 year Orthodontic treatment that may take several years plus the Prosthodontic treatment which will come afterwards.

Can any dentist perform Prosthetic Orthodontics?

Not every dentist can perform Prosthetic Orthodontics. The procedure is very technique sensitive. The prosthodontist or dentist needs to dominate the way that they prepare a tooth for prosthetics and at the same time place the tooth in the position that is necessary. The whole process is very skill sensitive and requires many years of experience for positive results.


Is Prosthetic Orthodontics very complicated?

Prosthetic Orthodontics is very complicated and requires many years of dedicated practice. The procedure is highly proprietary because it is modifying the position of the tooth at the same time as the specialist is doing a reconstruction or restoration. Sometimes it is even more complicated since in addition to restoring a tooth with a crown or bridge, the prosthodontist is also modifying the position of the tooth or teeth. Usually this is easier to perform when the dentist has more space to play with the position of the tooth. If it is only 1 or 2 teeth it is more complicated since there is less room and leeway for tooth position change.

When do you recommend vs. not recommend Prosthetic Orthodontics?

If someone has perfect or close to perfect and healthy teeth in the sense that they haven’t been touched with prior cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Steier does not recommend this process. The doctor would not go ahead and prepare teeth when there hasn’t been any previous work done or decay. In other words, if any of the other teeth had been restored previously with composites or large composites and or have been destroyed partially with decay, then the process is recommended. If there are NO composites (tooth colored fillings ), large silver  fillings or heavily restored cosmetic work on the teeth( to be changed position), Prosthetic Orthodontics is not recommended.

Other situations where Prosthetic Orthodontics is recommended

If the patient is older and they do not want to go through the orthodontics process that might take a few years and they really want a major enhancement to their mouth and smile, then Prosthetic Orthodontics is highly recommended.

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