Detached Bridge Repair | Steier Dental Boca Raton

This very nice gentleman came to Steier Dental Implants & Prosthodontics with a Upper Fixed porcelain bridge. As you can see in the close-up picture, the bridge was completely detached from the teeth that supported it.

The bridge was not only detached, but the fitting and was leaking for many years. The patient was able to take it out himself and place it back. Because of this poorly done porcelain bridge, what remained was decayed roots that where non-restorable and useless. Everything had to be extracted and an implant supported hybrid was made,

Our patient had a 10-year-old existing implant supported lower hybrid which he wanted to keep and was still functioning. Although we did not like the huge gap between the gums and the prosthesis base, we decided to keep it. 

Please note that patient was not showing almost none of his upper teeth. The final result completely changed his smile and the overall appearance of his face by showing much more of his upper anterior teeth.

It is our mentality that work should be done to perfection, We care about doing right by our patients and taking only as many patients as perfect work will allow to ensure that no one leaves our practice only to have to return because of a poorly done job.

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